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How To Prepare A Strong Criminal Rehabilitation Application

This article will discuss Seven tips on how to prepare and complete a strong criminal rehabilitation application,

Tip Number One

This is a personal statement. Any criminal rehabilitation should include a good personal statement that explains in detail when the act was committed, what was the act, and what was the details around the act. It should also include the dates of the charges and the conviction, this is important because it is going to allow the officer to understand the circumstances around the offense.

For example, you were struggling with depression or you had just gotten some bad news about something and it was
a difficult time in your life maybe you’re having some financial difficulties.

Life life is not always easy and sometimes things happen when we were younger or it doesn’t have to
necessarily be that we’re younger but sometimes we have periods of time where life is just difficult and certain things happen like
criminal convictions, so it’s good to take the time to write and usually, a good 2-3 pages are recommended.

This really makes a big difference when the officer is reviewing your criminal rehabilitation application.

Tip Number Two

This is to make sure that you include in your application original clearances.

For example, if you are a citizen of the United States you have to include original clearances from all the states that you lived in for more than six months since the age of eighteen and you have to include an original FBI report.

It’s very important to submit only original copies, and sometimes it may take some time to get the originals but you have to go through those hurdles and obtain those documents and you have to make sure that those clearances are valid.

Tip Number Three

Is to ensure that you give all the right court documentation, so depending on how your offense was dealt with in the court system.

If it was in a trial, or only a plea agreement, or a disposition, however it happened you need to include the documentation so that includes court judgment, court transcript.

if you were on probation include the terms and conditions of that probation, and if you completed your probation, a letter from your probation officer stating that you completed the probation.

If you have had to do some community service or you had to attend like an AA program or some other programs, you must provide all documentation.

You need to prove to the officer that you completed your sentence, and sentences include completing
probation, completing all mandatory programs, completing jail time, completing community services.

Tip Number Four

Is to ensure that your sentence was completed and that you have evidence of completion.

Example: An immigrant committed a certain offense and completed everything which includes probation, imprisonment, everything. But there was an outstanding fine and he hadn’t paid yet because he had moved and he had lost track to make that

Many years later, like eight to nine years, he couldn’t apply for the criminal rehabilitation up until the time that he had completed the sentence by paying the fine and then he was able to apply.

So it is really important to make sure that you’ve completed all of the sentences.

Tip Number Five

Applying for criminal rehabilitation means that you are coming to Canada for some reason, maybe a permanent reason or a temporary reason.

If it is a temporary reason like you want to come to visit some friends or family it’s important to include in your application your ties to your home country.

For example, if you are from France you should include employment details, employment letter, tax documentation, if you have any assets like house, car to show to the officer that yes you’re on your way to getting hopefully criminally rehabilitated, and at the same time you’re demonstrating that you’re not going to overstay in Canada.

Tip number six

You have to include in your application the foreign law.

For example, if you are convicted in Germany of assault, the officer needs to see and assess what the offense would have been if those acts were committed in Canada, and what would be the equivalent conviction.
The officer needs to look at the foreign law so you need to see under what statute or what rule you were convicted under and print out those laws from the German code the German Criminal Code and include that in your application.

The number seven tip

It is very important to include an explanation as to why you believe you are eligible for rehabilitation, depending on what type of conviction or convictions you had.

If it’s major or complicated and you’re not too sure, it is recommended to hire a lawyer.

Lawyers will help you prepare a strong submission letter. it’s a cover letter where the lawyer will outline the whole background, this is an addition to your personal statement.

The lawyer would include information about how the sentences are completed, criminal assessment and would compare the foreign law to the law in Canada.

The lawyer would put up strong arguments like if this offense had happened in Canada you would have been convicted of this type of conviction and because these many years have passed you are eligible for the rehabilitation.

You also include strong submissions on your life, the reason why you want to come to Canada, and how you have a balanced life in your home country and you want to come and visit Canada or why you deserve to be rehabilitated and how much you have changed from the person you were to the person that you are now.


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